Cardero’s Restaurant

Cardero’s is another restaurant owned by the Sequoia Company of Restaurants (alongside Seasons in the Park, The Teahouse in Stanley Park, and The Sandbar on Granville Island). Like its other restaurants, it’s in a fabulous location and has an amazing setting. That, of course, is factored into the prices, which are [admittedly] quite steep for what you get. The menu is also almost identical to its other restaurants.

BC Salmon Burger

BC Salmon Burger

BC Salmon Burger: 

Another salmon burger?! Like I said, the menu is pretty much identical to the other restaurants. This is fine, I guess, as long as you don’t get your hopes up that – because it’s a different location and under a different name – the menu is going to be a new one. It is a fine menu, though; a fairly large selection and all high quality. This was another great salmon burger, with the tartar sauce nicely offsetting the warmth from the salmon (which, by the way, was indeed cooked perfectly).

Coal Harbour Burger

Coal Harbour Burger

Coal Harbour Burger: 

So, the Coal Harbour Burger and the Queen Elizabeth Burger are the same thing. I haven’t been to The Sandbar or The Teahouse (at least, not with the intention of blogging about them), but I imagine there are equivalents there for this standard burger, also. In any case, I actually thought this was a notch better than the QE Burger; there was plenty of cheese to balance out the beef. Cooked well and just delicious.

The buns at Sequoia restaurants are always incredibly. So fluffy, warm, and… I swear they butter them! They are model hamburger buns.

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza: 

I love pizza. Actually, who doesn’t love pizza? This was a very cheesy pizza, and there was just enough basil that you could taste it but not enough that it was overpowering. I think it could have done with a bit more of both cheese and sauce; the crust seemed like it would be able to hold more of both. I did love the crust though; it was not overly bread-like and, rather, was like a traditional Italian pizza’s crust. Thin, crispy edges, but softer towards the middle. I believe they’re baked in a traditional wood oven.

Gluten-free Montreal Style Smoked Meat Sandwich

Gluten-free Montreal Style Smoked Meat Sandwich

Montreal Style Smoked Meat Sandwich: 

Okay, so, the rating here is for the gluten-free version of this. The waitress was incredibly accommodating in finding Emme something she could eat. They have gluten-free pizza crusts, so what they did here was use the gluten-free pizza dough to make a sandwich that was on the menu. The dough was actually not why I downgraded this; the smoked meat was good (just nothing special and didn’t taste too much like Montreal smoked meat), the mustard was incredibly, but there was hardly any cheese or caramelised onions. The sandwich would’ve tasted more balanced with more of both! Otherwise, it was impressive.

Complementary bread basket

Complementary bread basket

Complementary bread basket and Cappuccino: 

Fluffy, warm, fresh-tasting. Nothing to write home about, but nothing to complain about! The butter was nice and easy to spread because we went on one of these warmer Vancouver days.



The cappuccino was good, too. I think Emme should have gotten one of the more “exciting” ‘Special Coffees’ that Cardero’s offers. They have a list of pretty interesting combinations of coffee and alcohol… Give one a shot if you’re a coffee lover!

I really like the Sequoia line of restaurants. They’re always in great locations and the food is always good. The company also seems to make sure that their wait-room staff are the top-of-the-line; the waiters and waitresses that have waited on us in the past have always been personable and very accommodating.

Cardero’s has a beautiful patio. Even if it’s a slightly chilly day, you can sit out if it’s sunny since they’ll give you fleece blankets to cover your lap. (In my opinion, this is a really great touch!)

I didn’t have any of the desserts this time, but they are all outstanding. (I have had all except the cheese plate. (I love cheese but prefer something sweet for dessert!))

Ambiance: 5

Food: 4.5

Service: 4.5

Value: 4

Overall: 4.5
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